Before answering the question, “how did I manage my meetings with clients by Planist?” I have to tell you that no freelancer or consultant can arrange their appointments and meetings without using a planning assistant.

The best and easiest planning assistant to use online calendars is like Google Calendar, but why can’t Google Calendar alone be a good and efficient assistant? What are the disadvantages that we need to use Google Calendar?

As a Product Manager, I spend part of my time providing free consulting sessions as a social responsibility or paid sessions to ME companies.

I want my customers…

Last month, one of my friends asked me to help their startups to involve in hiring the product owner’s process because hiring an effective product owner for him is so important.

In this article, I’ve tried to carefully record my lessons to learn in this process and my action plans from zero to the end. My main aim of this text, saving my new getting knowledge for the organization and useful guide to other companies that want to hire a Product Owner.

In my opinion, this guide will help people who want to get a Product Owner job too.


The new version of this story published on my here.

One of the terms or concepts in Agile is the Information Radiator.
This terms actually refers to a series of information markers about the project and your products that displays activities of the development’s team to all key-stockholders.
of integrated modules, etc.
The advantage of using this charts is the team does not hide anything throughout the project, increase the responsibility of team members and it can help the rest of the project’s status by stockholders without asking by team members. (They can look for the large boards and somehow exposed…

Despite the general definition of the Project / Product management, which is temporary and unique management is not immediate and temporary. As a Project/Product Manager, you have a number of tasks to be done daily and weekly. But at the same time, you should not be involved in your daily routine and let routine works lead you to a steady pace.
One of the attractiveness of Project/Product management (for me at least) is the existence of challenges that can occur during project/product management. Challenges that make you think differently. …

What does do Product Managers?

As you know, the #Product_Management is one of the most important roles for the successful any business in IT industry. But this concept doesn’t have much age in this industry and maybe make some conflict between the other important roles such as #Product_Owner and #Project_Manager.
In this text, I’ll try to clear some points in in this position as follow.

The first step, I’ll explain what does doing every #product_manager in IT industry.
Every product manager should help to another team and department to grow the business and arrange them like as a conductor. It’s so near the project manager’s…

As a Product Manager, you should remember these few points to launching your product are follow.
1. You should make sure all legal and commercial tasks are done and also, right announce to your stakeholders.
2. Integrated between all modules are developed by team works correctly and all UAT (User Acceptance Test) is done by the QA expert.
3. Your infrastructure can able to handling all request.
4. The customers after landing your page can find all they need.
5. All the monitoring service for controlling is live and works right.
6. All schedule job for backing up the servers works correctly and you have the recovery plan for fixing after any disaster or roll back needs.

After these tasks, you must communicate with your team and prepare them for fast response to unforeseen issues.

At the previous story, I told trying to write story series on my experience as a Product Manager in a new business field.
In this story, I’ll write about an important concept in a structured company that moves the encounter to obscure issues as a new PM.
That’s sudden for me. In first days I must be knowing more about GDS (Global Distribution System) concept and create a road-map for migrating all working services and made many micro-service for using other product lines. So, I should prioritize tasks by business KPIs, Technical effort and also I can’t stop current workflow in this…

As a #Product_Manager in my new job, I found should learn many things for adapting to the new company.
The first step, I found more about the business process, read about all development documents and then familiar to other teams and their process.
After that, I read a few articles to improving my expertise in this domain.
In these series of stories, I’ll write about these topics and share my lessons learned about that.

If you want to know more about new edition’s of #PRINCE2, recommended watching this video by Frank Turley. Frank is a leading PRINCE2 trainer has published a new course on MPlaza. You can access to all 16 lessons of this course freemium.

PS: By this great program, you can make PRINCE2 easy.


Hi there

I think and hope this medium, make a new writing opportunity for me. I want to transfer my gained knowledge in Project Management here. These experiences are collected with many successful and failed projects.
So, I tried to improve my English writing skills here.

Mohsen Ahmadi

Agile Product/Project Manager and Scrum Master, with the successful product/project management history.

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